Midtown Security Community

Mayor Wharton positions safety at the center of his priorities

By Peggy Williamson

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]Midtown Security Community welcomed Mayor Wharton to its December meeting to share his vision for safe neighborhoods. Hosted by HopeWorks, a Midtown non profit working to help the chronically unemployed get back on their feet, the meeting was a rousing success with over 150 people in attendance.

Mayor Wharton expressed his strong belief that safety must encompass all other priorities for the City of Memphis. When asked what his priorities are for encouraging new businesses to our City, he quickly replied that it all has to do with creating a safe environment that will allow businesses to not be distracted by worrying about security issues.

He strongly believes that all citizens must band together to keep our neighborhoods safe. In fact, he said that he calls his police precinct when he sees something in his neighborhood that is out of the ordinary and raises a question for him about what is going on. For example, cars in his neighborhood that are unknown to him and appear to be driving slowly with the occupants looking down driveways would get his eye. He encouraged citizens to be vigilant and work closely with their police precinct to extend the eyes and ears of the Memphis Police Department. Additional police officers were also an idea that Mayor Wharton supports.

The Mayor indicated that we must work diligently to address abandoned properties and those that are not regularly cared for in order to increase safety in neighborhoods. He pledged to make that a priority.

Midtown Security Community represents a coalition of neighborhoods, businesses, schools, churches, and non-profits in Midtown working closely with the Union Station police precinct to keep our neighborhoods safe. Mayor Wharton endorses the concept behind the MSC and recognized the value that similar coalitions throughout the City could have.

Join your neighbors in keeping Midtown “a safe place to live and work.” Sign up to receive regular updates from the MSC blog (www.midtownsecuritycommunity.org). Attend MSC meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Specific details are available on the blog.

Help make safe neighborhoods the norm, not only in Midtown but in all of Memphis.


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