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Results from the “What you want in CY” online survey

By Emily Bishop

The CYCA sent an email out with a link to an online survey to find out what you want in CY. The CYCA board reviewed the results of the survey at the annual board retreat on Saturday, January 23rd. The retreat is when the board makes plans for the year, and these results will impact those plans. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the survey. (Note, for more results from this survey and a visual representations of the results below, see this page on the site.)

Question 1: Are you a member of the CYCA?

87 members, 11 non-CYCA members

Question 2: Are you a renter or do you own a property in CY?

81 own property, 12 rent

Question 3: Have you ever been a volunteer for the CYCA?

62 yes, 35 no

Question 4: Do you read the LampLighter regularly?

88 yes, 10 sometimes, 1 no

Question 5: Would you be willing to make a small contribution to ensure the LampLighter could still be delivered free to the community?

71 yes, 26 no

Question 6: Should the CYCA be involved with:

Beautification projects – 85 votes

Code Enforcement – 83 votes

Alley Clean up – 88 votes

Food Drive – 53 votes

Block Clubs – 80 votes

Bike Racks – 63 votes

Murals Under Trestles – 62 votes

History Project – 51 votes

Safety Emails – 96 votes

Event Emails – 90 votes

Lost Pet Emails – 83 votes

Peabody Playground Improvements – 51 votes

Pursuing Community Input with the Fairgrounds Redevelopment – 72 votes

Question 7: Should the CYCA NOT be involved with:

Beautification projects – 16 votes

Code Enforcement – 15 votes

Code Awareness – 9 votes

Alley Clean up – 6 votes

Food Drive – 23 votes

Block Clubs – 10 votes

Bike Racks – 18 votes

Murals Under Trestles – 19 votes

History Project – 10 votes

Safety Emails – 7 votes

Event Emails – 7 votes

Lost Pet Emails – 12 votes

Peabody Playground Improvements – 23 votes

Pursuing Community Input with the Fairgrounds Redevelopment – 18 votes


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