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Bringing parties, praise, bicycles, and babies together

By Aunt Cicely

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Hiya, sweeties! Well, it’s February, and love is in the air! At least I think that’s love…could just be my neighbor Gladys’ cheap perfume. Anywho…since it is a month for lovers, we’ll kick things off with news of a wedding I missed a few months back.

Robin Steele and Mike Harris of South Cox tied the knot at the Memphis Metal Museum on November 14th. Lots of friends from the neighborhood were on hand to celebrate with the happy couple, who enjoyed a two-week honeymoon in Australia.

And while we’re talking down under, the fearless former leader of Revolutions Community Bike Shop, Anthony Siracusa, wrote us from Melbourne around Christmas time to report in on his travels as part of the Watson Fellowship he won to study bicycle cultures around the world. He’s visited Denmark, Amsterdam, and Australia so far, and in the next six months, will travel to China, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia.

A little (okay, a lot) closer to home at Christmas time, Josh and Ginger Spickler of Nelson Avenue (along with several of their friends from Neighborhood Church) hosted the 2nd Annual “Think Globally, Party Locally” event on December 19th to raise money for global clean water initiatives. This year, more than sixty friends from Cooper-Young and beyond joined in the fun and raised over $600 that went directly to Living Water International for water projects around the world. ‘Ol Aunt Cicely always likes a good party, but I can certainly get on board with partying for a cause!

But a party just for partyin’s sake is good too…Moving on into the new year, Jacinda and Sam Johnson of Oliver hosted the Prosperity Dinner 2010 for their Celtic Pint Night regulars group of Rene’ Erickson, Casey Cummings, Rodney Nash, Aaron James, and Jacinda’s longtime hometown friend, Jamie.

And then there are the folks who won’t be partying anytime soon! Jason and Jennifer Word of Nelson, along with big sister Avery, welcomed baby boy Paxton Clay on December 28th. For those of you keeping track of such things, Nelson Avenue between Cooper and Barksdale is about one boy short of being able to field its very own 5-and-under football team!

Finally, in the kudos department, Michael Taylor of New Elzey has joined the local chapter of the Interior Design Society, a group of interior designers and decorators specializing in residential design. Michael, ‘ol Aunt Cicely could use a little help at her crib…what can you do with an avocado green Naugahyde love seat, my collection of shot glasses from all fifty states, and a life-size velvet Elvis? Call me!

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