President’s Letter February 2010

CY needs your thoughts on present challenges for future successes

[singlepic id=120 w=320 h=240 float=left]Thanks for your service

I want to take a moment to thank Robert Grisham for his service on the Cooper-Young Board of Directors. He has been very consistent in his message that community is the key to making Cooper-Young a home, not just a subdivision. As we will miss him at our meetings, I am sure he will still continue with this message, and we will definitely be seeing him around.

Also, I want to welcome Susan Currier to our Board of Directors. She has been in the neighborhood for a while now and has worked with our CY Parent’s Network and Block Clubs, and she is ready to see what she can do to make CY even better. She brings some experience with nonprofits and grant writing to the table. Welcome aboard, Susan!

Back to Basics in 2010

CYCA was started in 1976; started from a group of residents wanting to take their neighborhood back from decay and blight. We still have some of the same challenges but with different twists and some additional goals and needs. Based on the survey that many of you were kind enough to take on our website this month, these are very apparent (results are posted on if you want to view them). We do need to get down to the basics. We will be working to improve many of these but cannot do it without you. It is going to take a small effort on all of our parts.

Over the next couple of months, members of our board will be calling on you personally to get your help on a number of teams that are to work on some of these issues. More beautification projects? Work on safety issues? Code Enforcement? We will be asking questions about what you as residents want to see in our boundaries and what together we are willing to do to handle these objectives.

It will take a little work from all of us. Are you ready for the challenge? Will you take on your small part? We are working on some organization skills that will help us all work together effectively and hope to have some clear roles and expectations of what we need. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Debbie Sowell


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