CY Society, March 2010

There’s “snow” stoppin Cooper-Young!

By Aunt Cicely

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Hiya, sweeties—is it spring yet?! As I sit here poking away at my typewriter, the snow is coming down, and my heat bill is going up. If this keeps up, ‘ol Aunt Cicely is going to have to get herself one of those snazzy blankets with the sleeves…whaddaya’ call it? A snuggly? I think the leopard print one would look right nice with my rhinestone house shoes!

The snow today isn’t much to talk about, but that surprise snowstorm on February 8th had everybody out building snowmen and throwing snowballs. Chey Fulgham of Nelson (and manager of Grace restaurant) got out with his camera to record the event—thanks, Chey!

And speaking of getting out…a group of a dozen Midtown Mamas didn’t let the cold keep them in. They hit The Beauty Shop on February 11th for a night of eating, drinking, and not wiping noses or giving baths! It was discovered that the women present represented a total of 19 kids—18 of whom are boys! Parents of daughters in Cooper-Young, you’d better be making plans for bars on their windows in about ten years! Apparently about half of the group of mamas decided they had overindulged in The Beauty Shop’s tasty offerings, because they made a pact to train together for the Youth Villages 5K in April. Good luck, ladies!

And (of course), we have yet another new mama on Nelson. Rachel Lyles, along with new papa, Matt Lyles, welcomed little Allen Jefferson (yes, another boy!) on January 29th. Actually, “little” isn’t really the word to describe Allen—he weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs., 8 oz. at birth! Allen will apparently be starting at tackle for the Nelson Avenue football team!

Of course, Cooper-Young is also home to another kind of babes altogether…the type that show up on the Memphis Flyer’s annual “hotties” issue! Congratulations to Cora Pitt and Dan Russo, both of Nelson down by the Parkway, for being officially recognized as “hotties” in the February 11th issue of the Flyer!

And still hot after all these years…Carol Bickler turned 50 and celebrated with a surprise party at Bosco’s. Carol and her husband, Bill Jackson, own Midtown Hardwood & Tile and live on Walker.

Another CY business owner, Ben Smith of Tsunami, was recognized at the Memphis Restaurant Association’s annual banquet in February as Restaurateur of the Year.

In other CY business news, the new furniture store on Central, Worlds Apart, hosted an open house during the February Cooper-Young Night Out. Employees Bess Mitchell, Martha Hollis, Megan Stout, and Neely Carter welcomed customers in to see the wares.

Welcoming another new business to the neighborhood were Beth and Steve Pulliam from the east end of Evelyn who were on hand at Blue Fish, soon to known as The Reef, for its opening night with a table for ten. Steve and Emily Bishop and their neighbors from the west end of Evelyn Avenue also enjoyed an evening at the oyster bar.

Well, sweeties, ‘ol Aunt Cicely isn’t really an oyster gal, but I do like a good Bloody Mary, so think I’ll check out brunch at The Reef soon. Anybody want to join me? I’m a great date up until about the third round when I start taking out my dentures and doing baby impressions. Always seems funny at the time.

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