It’s ripe weather for Block Club reunions

By Ginger Spickler

Imagine my surprise when I walked down my front steps a few weeks ago and spied the bright green tips of my tulips pushing their way up through the dusting of snow on the ground! Hallelujah—this winter will not last forever!

And as my thoughts turned to spring, I also started getting excited about getting back out into the yard and getting reacquainted with my neighbors, who have, like me, been holed up inside since the end of fall. For me, one of the best parts (and there are many) about living in Cooper-Young is the people who live around me. And serving as the captain of my block club has allowed me to get to know even more of them.

If you would like to get to know your neighbors better, volunteering to serve as the captain for your block club is a great way to do it. Your neighbors will certainly thank you for taking on the job, but you’ll really be the one who benefits the most from all of the ties you’ll form. Plus, for the first time ever, the CYCA has budgeted for four newly formed block clubs to get an extra $50 each to throw a block party this spring or summer! This is in addition to the $50 each block club is allocated for the Neighborhood Night Out party in October.

Check this list for the roster of blocks that are currently captain-less. If you’re on a long block and not ready to take on the whole thing, picking just a portion is absolutely fine.

Interested? Come to the CY Block Club Captain Happy Hour at my house on March 11th to learn more and get ideas for your block club. Email me at for details!

Street Boundaries
Blythe Young & Walker
Blythe Walker & Southern
Bruce Oliver & Young
Bruce Young & Walker
Bruce Walker & Southern
Cooper Elzey & Evelyn
Cooper Southern & Walker
Cooper Oliver & Young
Cox Walker & Southern
E. Parkway Nelson & Young
E. Parkway Nelson & Central
Elzey Cooper & Meda
Evelyn Tanglewood & Barksdale (2000s)
Evelyn Barksdale & McLean
Fleece Southern & Walker
Manila Rembert & Barksdale
Manila Barksdale & McLean
Meda Young & Walker
Meda Walker & Southern
Meda Elzey & Central
Nelson Barksdale & McLean
Nelson Cooper & Cox
Nelson Cox & E. Parkway
New York North of Evelyn
New York Nelson & Young
New York Young & Walker
Oliver Cooper & Tanglewood
Philadelphia Young & Walker
Philadelphia Walker & Southern
Southern Barksdale to Rembert
Tanglewood Southern & Felix
Walker Tanglewood & Barksdale
Walker Barksdale & McLean
Young Cooper & Tanglewood


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