February 2010 Crime Map

The LampLighter is working with the CYCA to bring you meaningful crime information. In addition to the crime map, which details crimes within a one-mile radius of the Cooper-Young intersection, we also included a list of crimes that happened within our neighborhood. This list includes the case number, which you can use to contact the police. The crimes were reported 
from January 24th, 2010 to February 19th, 2010.

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CASE # Arrest Offenses Date 100 Block Address
1002008897ME Simple Assault/DV 02/19/10 1100 S REMBERT
1002008688ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 02/19/10 1000 PHILADELPHIA
1002008358ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 02/18/10 2100 CENTRAL AVE
1002007220ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 02/16/10 1000 FLEECE
1002006869ME Yes Theft from Motor Vehicle 02/15/10 900 COOPER
1002006120ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 02/14/10 900 S COOPER
1002006119ME Yes Drugs/Narcotics Vio/Misd. 02/13/10 BRUCE AND WALKER
1002005447ME Aggravated Assault/DV 02/12/10 1000 BRUCE
1002004085ME Yes Simple Assault/DV 02/10/10 E PARKWAY AND SOUTHERN
1002002999ME Burglary/Business 02/07/10 2100 CENTRAL
1002002845ME Carjacking 02/06/10 COOPER AND WALKER
1002002771ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 02/06/10 2100 YOUNG
1002002349ME Burglary/Non-residential 02/05/10 1000 BRUCE
1002001577ME Simple Assault/DV 02/04/10 2100 EVELYN
1002001576ME Simple Assault/DV 02/04/10 1000 MEDA
1002000554ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 02/02/10 600 PHILADELPHIA ST
1002000484ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 02/02/10 2000 WALKER
1001014301ME Burglary/Non-residential 01/31/10 1900 YOUNG
1001013239ME Burglary/Business 01/28/10 1000 S COOPER
1001011277ME Burglary/Residential 01/24/10 1000 BRUCE
1001011057ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 01/24/10 2000 YOUNG


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