Memphis Roller Derby brings on the challenge

By Colleen Smith

[singlepic id=124 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=right]The girls of Memphis Roller Derby headed back to FunQuest for a double header on Saturday, February 13th. The first bout was a match-up between the Memphis Hustlin’ Rollers (MHR) and the Arch Rival Roller Girls of St. Louis, MO (ARRG). Coming off of a loss from the Naptown Tornado Sirens (Indianapolis’ travel team), the Hustlin’ Rollers were ready to put up all they had for a win on the home turf. The bout started off on a level playing field. The MHRs kept up the pace all around in speed, hard hits, and points. At half time, we were within 6 points of the ARRGs. But after half time, St. Louis picked up the pace, and Memphis started racking up the fouls. Toward the end of the bout, ARRG took advantage of our foul trouble and pulled off a couple of power jams. The final score was ARRG 172 and MHR 92. The MVP awards for the two teams went to Enya Nightmare (of ARRG) and Brooken Bones and Lil’ Cinner (a tie for the MHR’s).

The second bout of the night was a pre-season re-match between the Angels of Death (AOD) and the Women of Mass Destruction (WMD). The last time these two home teams met on the track was for the 2009 Championship Bout back in May. Very eager to finally beat the undefeated AODs, the WMDs brought a tough fight to the table. The pre-season bouts between the home teams ensures that the newer skaters (“newbies,” or “fresh meat,” as the veteran roller girls call them) get a chance to experience the game without the final scores counting toward any team records. Both teams had to exclude several “veteran” players to allow this to happen. That being said, there were a lot of fouls and other minor rules broken on both sides, but it was a learning experience for all! The AODs stayed on top for the entire game, but the WMDs were not far behind. The final score was AOD 104, WMD 87. Had there been a few more jams in this bout, the WMDs might have tightened up the gap. But, in the end, the AODs’ desire to keep their undefeated status won the game. All the “newbies” did a fantastic job, and it’s clear that the training and preparation they received has paid off. The MVP awards went to Lady Problems (WMD) and Lena Deadtrick (AOD). Once Memphis Roller Derby gets through these pre-season games, all teams will be allowed to play with full rosters. And then the fight for the Championship will be even fiercer!


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