Revitalization is in sight

Cooper-Young has one major thing in common with our newly chartered neighbors, the Rozelle-Annesdale Historic District to the west, and that is, of course, the revitalization of Mclean. Since we have two independent communities after one goal, this should start happening sooner rather than later. The thoughts are to put a bike path, widen, power wash, add a crosswalk (for children crossing to Peabody), add a mural to the railroad bridge, and add a small island rest area for the teardrop (shaped grassy area where Southern, Mclean, and Lamar all converge), rendering a more united neighborhood. A beautiful Mclean would really strengthen our communities as a whole.

[singlepic id=145 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=right]According to Stoy Bailey (our community activist spearheading the Mclean project), the money as well as the design for the teardrop is already in place. The exact time of the project starting has not yet been determined. Details include placing a nice retaining wall on the south side (Southern side), a place for bike riders to rest, and hopefully a garbage can!

I intend to get a group of us together and power wash the concrete decorative hand rail that sits on both sides of Mclean just south of the railroad bridge. Also, it would be nice to wash the bridge itself, especially where it is to have a mural. I have not asked or talked with the Railroad people about doing this yet.

So far, Stoy Bailey and I have measured Mclean, and Stoy has tentative engineering plans that were drawn up and are available for viewing (by appointment only) at his office. We canvassed the neighbors on either side of Mclean to get documentation that can be presented for further approval of the project. As you may or may not know, getting things done like this takes time and effort. I, for one, didn’t know that there is a committee for “walkability” and the like, on top of the other Government people, which need to go along with this. Fun. Right?

The crosswalk for the Peabody Elementary students is important. The route will take them down Oliver, Nelson, or Evelyn where they will not have all of the traffic that sits on Young while school is convening. Having them walk down a dedicated route that is safe is a plan that is agreed on by all. Again, we need all of the “Government” factions to support us.

Glenn Althoff


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