LampLighter blog seeks bloggers

Yesterday we posted our first two posts in the LampLighter site “Blog” category. Our goal is to keep the blog section updated as often as possible throughout each month while we wait for new content to arrive from the LampLighter newspaper.

Instead of the standard straight reporting one mostly finds in the LampLighter, we’d like for the blog portion of this site to be driven by opinion, so that we can encourage discussion amongst our neighbors. We’re currently seeking creative Cooper-Young bloggers, people who would like to share their opinions and thoughts about our lovely neighborhood in this very space right here. That said, if you have something you absolutely love or something that really irks you about our Cooper-Young community and want to tell the world, write about it and let us include it in our blog!

We will continue to upload the LampLighter content from each issue to this website, but we would also like a steady steam of content coming in throughout the month to keep this site interesting and spicy. If you’re interested in contributing, leave a comment below or email me at leslie.thompson (at)


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