Captain Happy Hour provides great information

By Ginger Spickler

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to our recent “Captain Happy Hour”! We had a great time and discussed some important information.  For those of you who couldn’t make it or are still thinking about signing up as your block’s captain, here’s a recap.

The stats

We now have 28 block clubs in Cooper-Young, seven of which are new in 2010! This is fantastic, and I am so very appreciative of everyone’s willingness to take on this challenge.  I truly believe you will end up getting more out of it than you put into it.

Why block clubs?

The main reason we have block clubs are to connect with our neighbors.  When we know each other and work together, we can have more impact on what is happening in our neighborhood, feel more secure knowing we’re watching out for one another, and most importantly, form friendships that are only a few steps away!

What is the job of the block club captain?

This is really up to the individual captain—you can make it as much or as little as you want to. At the very least, we ask that you host (or find someone else to host) a Neighborhood Night Out party, which, this year, will be on October 12th. In order to let your block know about this party, you’re probably going to have to distribute flyers. But as long as you’re going to have to do the legwork then, why not go ahead and pick a nice, spring day and distribute some info sheet flyers now? These flyers will ask your neighbors for their pertinent contact information that you can use to create an email distribution list to use all year long to communicate with each other.  A good block club roster is a captain’s most valuable resource.

So, beyond the NNO party, it’s up to you. There are some blocks that have lots of casual gatherings throughout the year and at different places on the street. It can be as simple as a spur-of- the-moment front porch happy hour on a nice evening. But in between social events, the captain can serve as the communication link between your neighbors for any emergencies, safety-related issues, or other concerns your neighbors may want to discuss with one another or with the CYCA Board.

What if there are houses I’m not comfortable approaching?

You certainly should not do anything you’re not comfortable with. It’s likely that the folks you’re uncomfortable inviting to your house won’t come anyway. And if you’re a new club, it may be easier to have your first few gatherings in people’s yards instead of inside your home while you get to know one another. But ultimately, the more visible our organization efforts are, the less we’ll all have to worry about any shenanigans going on!

Who foots the bill for all the partying?

For the NNO party in October, each block club is allotted $50 for food and non-alcoholic beverages. Just save your receipts and turn them in to the CYCA office along with your block club roster afterward. New this year, the CYCA has budgeted an extra $50 for five new block clubs (not just clubs under new management, but blocks that have not had a club recently) to throw a party sometime this spring or summer. Just create your block roster, have your party, save your receipts, and get your cash!

But honestly, the best way to have block social events is just to ask everyone to bring something. Most people are happy to contribute a dish and bring their own beverage, so it often means that all you have to do is straighten up the house or yard a bit and open your front door.

So that’s really it.  If you are interested in becoming a block club captain, just send me an email ( letting me know which block you represent, and we’ll get rolling!

Blocks that need captains


Blythe–Young & Walker

Blythe–Walker & Southern

Bruce–Oliver & Young

Bruce–Young & Walker

Bruce–Walker & Southern

Cooper–Southern & Walker

Cooper–Oliver & Young

E. Parkway–Nelson & Young

E. Parkway–Nelson & Central

Elzey       –Cooper & Meda

Evelyn–Tanglewood & Barksdale

Evelyn–Barksdale & McLean

Fleece–Southern & Walker

Manila–Rembert & Barksdale

Manila–Barksdale & McLean

Meda–Young & Walker

Meda–Walker & Southern

Meda–Elzey & Central

Nelson–Cooper & Cox

Nelson–Cox & E. Parkway

New York–North of Evelyn

New York–Nelson & Young

New York–Young & Walke

Oliver–Cooper & Tanglewood

Philadelphia–Young & Walker

Philadelphia–Walker & Southern

Southern–Barksdale to Rembert

Tanglewood–Southern & Felix

Walker–Barksdale & McLean


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