Celebrate with a party for the Project

By Kristan Huntley

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Let’s face it—Cooper-Young will get together and have a party for pretty much any reason, be it the annual Night Out, to support the Cooper-Young Festival 4-Miler runners, or whatever other happy occasion comes up. Well, here is a chance to party and hang out with your neighbors while raising money for the community!

I am happy to announce that we have received the green light from the city to proceed with the McLean Mural Project. This is a major milestone in the Mural Project because we can now proceed with raising the funds needed. As stated in the March edition of the LampLighter, the anticipated cost of the project is between $10,000 and $15,000, with a completion goal of late summer or early fall. With great excitement, we are switching to fundraising mode and kicking it into high gear. We are exploring the possibility of corporate sponsorship and trying to locate local businesses that may be interested in leaving a lasting mark in Cooper-Young (so if you know of anyone or a business that may be interested, please direct them our way!), but, at this time, we are mainly relying and planning on private donations.

So, this is where the parties come in. Everyone knows fundraising is hard work, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! One idea that was suggested to the Beautification Committee is to hold progressive potluck parties this coming spring and summer. If you have never had the occasion to attend one of these potluck parties, basically there is one or maybe two smaller dishes at each home along the potluck route, and folks go from home to home enjoying each dish, spend time talking to friends (and making some new ones), and then move to the next home and repeat the prior steps.

For the hosts, the progressive potluck parties are easier than hosting an entire party on your own because you only have to take care of one dish, be it an appetizer, a salad, an entrée, or a sweet treat, and you don’t have to create and manage an invite list on your own. Therefore, the host has more time and energy to enjoy friends, neighbors, and the other food (because we all know that food that others made tastes better).

The Mural Project fundraiser would be very similar, but with a Cooper-Young spin. The progressive potluck is still in the planning phase, but we are hopeful that residents of Cooper-Young will volunteer their homes, their front lawns, or even their back decks and yard to host a stop in the progressive potluck. In typical Cooper-Young style, we want folks to make it their own, though. Do you have kids or know what kids enjoy? Feel free to make your stop the place that all the cool kids want to go! Are you musically inclined? We all love good music, so please play away! And you don’t have to do it alone—get a couple of friends together, pick a house, and go for it! We will ask the progressive potluck guests to purchase a ticket for the event (right now, we are thinking around $20), and, with that ticket, they can enjoy all the food, music, and Cooper-Young merriment our neighborhood has to offer.

Interested or want more information? Please feel free to drop me a line at k.huntle@yahoo.com. Also, please don’t forget the March poll on the cooperyoung.org site, and let us know through that if you are interested, as well.


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