Crossing Italy with Croy

[singlepic id=162 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]By Janice Nabors Raiteri

J.M. Croy’s trek across Italy last year was the inspiration for her work for the April show at Gallery Fifty-Six. The title, “Crossing Italy,” has a double meaning—look for the cross within each painting. Jane’s “chunky impressionistic” style with her unique underpainting gives these Italian city scenes and country landscapes a special flavor all her own.

After a sold-out art show, Jane and her husband, Ed, decided to book a European cruise. However, since that took most of their budget, they had to do tons of planning to see what they wanted on fifty dollars a day (or less). Jane says, “And do you know what we found? A delightful train trip through Italy to Pisa that beat the tour buses…meals at out of the way places, early morning open-air flower and fish markets that disappear by the time the tourist taxis arrive. We learned to read maps of Florence and Livorno, we strolled flea markets accidentally found while wandering side streets, we talked to fishermen near the boat docks, and laughed as we ate at a McDonald’s in Valetta, Malta.” You can check out their adventures on Jane’s blog at

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Here in her hometown of Memphis, J.M. has always lived art, whether teaching in the classroom or organizing artists as curator of her own gallery. Recently, however, her vivacious energy has been directed solely toward her own painting, and all the wonderful art lessons of a lifetime come alive in the rich textures and vibrant colors of these paintings.

Two of J.M. Croy’s paintings will be up for a silent auction throughout the month of April, with all proceeds going to MIFA. The public is invited to her opening on Friday evening, April 9th, from 5–8 pm at the gallery, 2256 Central Avenue. For more information, call 901-276-1251 or go online to


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