Let them know that you are proud to be a CYCA member

By John Kinsey

“Life is good in Cooper-Young” signs

The CYCA membership committee is looking for members throughout Cooper-Young who will allow us to place a “Life is good in Cooper-Young” sign in your yard. The committee will come on Saturday, April 24th, in the afternoon and place the sign. You might remember the groovy signs designed by member and resident Teresa Franks. The signs will be up from April 24th through June 5th. The committee will come back to remove the signs. All you have to do is send an email and be willing to show your pride in the CYCA!

If you are willing to let us place a sign in your yard, then please send an email to me, the Membership Committee Chair, at info@cooperyoung.org, or call me at 272-CYCA (2922).

Membership is for everyone

Annual memberships in the CYCA are available all year long. The benefits pay for the membership in only two or three uses! Welcome to our newest benefit provider—Café Ole! Visit 
cooperyoung.org for a complete list of benefit providers.

To run for office or to vote in the officer elections on Tuesday, April 13th, you must be a member in good standing. Memberships can be purchased that night, at the office at 2298 Young Avenue, or via paypal at cooperyoung.org.

Memberships help pay for many of the services we provide you. Please consult your tax advisor on the deductibility of your membership dues.

Prizes become membership perk

The CYCA membership committee wants to thank all the members of our organization with some prizes, including gift certificates to some of our benefit providers among other things. For all members whose applications are processed by June 5th, you will be entered into a random drawing to win a great prize. It pays to be a CYCA member!


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