More games, more fun for Derby girls

By Colleen Smith

FunQuest in Collierville was taken over again by the girls of MRD on Saturday, March 13th. The first bout of the night was between the Memphis Hustlin’ Rollers and the Hard Knox Roller Girls of Knoxville, Tennessee. These two teams have not played each other since the Tennessee State Championships back in August of last year. Knoxville has lost several of their key players, one of which is Black ‘n Blue, who relocated to Memphis. When asked how it felt to play against her former team, Blue had this to say: “I knew it was going to be interesting playing my home team. I love my HKRG’s, and I will always remember my roots as HKRG and not just because it’s tatted on my arm. But I have to admit, I sure had a blast giving them a beat down this past Saturday!” Despite the change in their roster, they are still a great match up to the Hustlin’ Rollers. At no point was the bout boring! At half time, Knoxville held a one-point lead. However, the Hustlin’ Rollers came out of the half-time break with fire. They quickly took the lead and held it to the end. The final score was Memphis: 153; Knoxville: 90.

Next up were the Angels of Death of Memphis Roller Derby versus the Springfield Rollergirls of Springfield, Missouri. Now, as most of you who follow the Memphis home teams know, the Angels of Death came into this bout undefeated. Springfield is a fairly new team, but they have clearly been trained well. Their packs are fast, their hits are hard, and, strategically, they were on the same page as the Angels. As hard as it is to believe, they pulled a one-point win over the Angels of Death! One point! Springfield: 88; Angels of Death: 87. Derby just doesn’t get more exciting than that. It was a very hard pill to swallow for the Angels, who are still debating much of the bout with the referees. Regardless of the outcome, it was great derby and I wish I’d had a spectator’s view of the action. Although playing rocked, too!

We have an update to MRD’s search for a new home. While we are still actively looking for a permanent home, it seems that we will remain at the Fairgrounds for a bit longer. We found out recently that the City plans to keep the Pipkin Building for 2–3 more years in order to accommodate MRD and the Flea Market. While we still hate to lose the space and familiar floor of the “House of Bruise” (aka, the Youth Building), we are very happy about this news! Soon, we will know if this building will be available for our next bouts on April 10th, but, as of right now, we haven’t confirmed the location of that game. Check out for updates, or follow us on Facebook.


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