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By Devin Greaney

Across Tennessee ( is a new online magazine about the people, places, things, and ideas of Tennessee. It updates with a new feature every Monday and Friday. It is published right here from Cooper-Young.

This is not Memphis-, or even West Tennessee–focused, as the magazine wants to reach out to all of Tennessee. This is a various, diverse state. We Tennesseans are spread over great distances. Memphis is much closer to the Gulf of Mexico than to Bristol. A flight from Tri Cities airport to Windsor, Ontario, Canada is shorter distance than a flight to Memphis International. The magazine is non-partisan and it is the aim to publish a variety of topics connected by the thread of one common denominator—Tennessee.

We are urbanites of Nashville and Memphis who love the central city and the many stimuli to the senses. We are farmers and small towners who appreciate the outdoors and the “everybody knows everybody” culture celebrated in countless Nashville songs. We have a colorful history to remember. Not always to celebrate, but to remember. And we have a future and the many conflicting visions for the future. There is no prohibition on controversy at this website.

Across Tennessee will cover travel destinations. Be it a backpacking adventure, an amusement park, a bed and breakfast, or a downtown luxury hotel, the variety of destinations calling residents and visitors is something for everyone.

Since going online, the magazine has had stories about Tennessee’s first predominately Hispanic Catholic parish. There is the story of five Tennessee professors who share their knowledge with those who have a love for learning. Jackson’s Mckellar-Sipes Airport is the state’s smallest airport with a big ambition. An article on Tennessee’s weather tells about the blizzard of 1993, the tornado outbreak of 1952, and the day things came together to make Memphis smell like fish.

Expect the familiar and unfamiliar in the story of Tennessee.

Please also check out the local calendars—a perfect go-to spot for what is happening in your part of the state. Big cities, small towns, colleges, and counties local calendars are a click away. And please send an email if a Tennessee local calendar should be included. No, it does not matter how small the community.

I, the publisher of the magazine, am a freelance writer, photographer, Cooper-Young resident, and native Memphian. Neighbors James Traynor, the webmaster, and Kristan Huntley, web designer, have provided invaluable help to make this site possible.

Updates are available by becoming a fan on Facebook and Twitter (acrosstennessee). All articles have places for comments. We want to hear from you!


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