President’s Letter, April 2010

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Springing forward

Spring is here! Yippee! Outdoor activities are already picking up, like quarterly clean-ups, preparing for the Art for Art’s Sake Auction on the 10th of this month, our own spring cleaning at the office….OH BUT WAIT! Have you heard the good news?

CYCA has purchased the building at 2298 Young. Owning our own space will provide a great foundation for us to build our future. All of the board members have worked to make this happen, and John Kinsey assisted with the financing. We are so excited and hope to make it better and better by doing some improvements. We have lots of plans and hope to make it fun and beneficial for all Cooper Youngians and beyond.

Lastly, there is an upswing in activity at the Fairgrounds. We hope to keep you as informed as we can and may have some calls to action soon. So keep up with the news on our website, and if you have not joined our email list, please do so now to get any alerts direct to your inbox.

Elections are coming up in April, and I want to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed serving our community as President. Enjoy the upcoming warm weather by getting out and talking with your neighbors. Knowing them makes us all a bit more aware, a bit more safe, and, heck, makes it all more fun. THAT is why I love CY!

Debbie Sowell


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