Auction bidders sold on CY’s good life

By Emily Bishop

With $11,505 in income and $800 in expenses, this year’s auction cleared a profit of $10,705 for the CYCA. The highlight of the evening was during the live auction when a bidding war broke out over the painting by Mollie Jaye Riggs, which was featured on this year’s poster. Terry Lawrence and Becca Dickerson were unaware that they were bidding against each other at first, but once Becca realized it was Terry, she challenged how high Terry was willing to bid for the artwork. When she asked if Terry was willing to go up to $1,000, he replied that he wanted to, but his limit was $800. With true civic spirit and generosity, Becca said if Terry would bid $800 for the painting, then she would donate $200 to the CYCA. The painting “Life is good in Cooper-Young” now has a home with Terry and Cynthia Lawrence. Becca Dickerson and Terry Lawrence have the admiration and gratitude of all who witnessed their generousity at the event.

A long list of volunteers work on this event each year, and, for their help, we are truly grateful. Justin Willingham stepped in as our auctioneer for the live auction and did a fantastic job. Our thanks go out to Tiger Bryant, Phillip Stroud, and the entire staff of the Young Avenue Deli for hosting this annual event and providing the food and soft drinks. Thanks to D. Canale for donating the Bud Light and Southwestern Distributors for donating the Hook and Ladder beer. We also thank Camy’s Pizza for providing the delicious cheesecake for dessert and Bluff City Sports for donating the t-shirts for the volunteers. Thanks to all the festival vendors who donated the items for the auction and especially the artists who donated their artwork for the live auction.

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