Local gallery curator invokes moods and memories with “orgastracts”

By Sandy Malone

[singlepic id=209 w=320 h=240 float=right]Janice Nabors Raiteri works with various inks to achieve a translucent, three-dimensional effect in her paintings. “My most recent work is a process that, as far as I know, no other artist is doing. The vividly colored inks on synthetic papers have surprising results. I call the paintings ‘orgastracts,’ since they evolve somewhat organically into their final semi-abstract state. Studied control is not my intention, but rather, invoking a mood or a memory…all conveyed with ink that flows, not into words, but into images that hopefully say even more.” Her show, “To Think in Ink,” will be at Gallery Fifty-Six May 1st through June 2nd. She will donate a collage, “Rooftops,” for a silent auction, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis.

[singlepic id=218 w=320 h=240 float=left]Leaving Memphis after a twenty-year stint in real estate, Janice taught writing and painted for galleries in Oxford, MS, Lawrence, KS, and Portland, OR, before three young grandchildren lured her back recently. A graduate of Kingsbury and the University of Memphis, she also studied painting at the College of Art and writing at the University of Mississippi. Her short stories have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies, and one of the screenplays she co-wrote with her husband, Charles, was almost a movie. (Don’t ask!) Since August, Janice has been curator for Gallery Fifty-Six, working with owners Frank and Mindy Roberts to offer upscale (but affordable) artworks by professional regional artists.

To make May at Gallery Fifty-Six even more intriguing, new artist Bridget Russell will introduce paintings from her curiously conscious “Unconscious Moments” series.

The public is invited to an artists’ reception Friday evening, May 7th, from 5–8 pm, at the gallery, 2256 Central. For more information, call 901-276-1251 or go online to galleryfiftysix.com.


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