Members entered in drawing for prizes

By John Kinsey

As part of a membership drive for the CYCA, committee members placed “life is good in Cooper-Young” signs throughout the neighborhood on Saturday, April 24th. The signs will be up through June 5th, and the committee will come back to remove the signs. Annual memberships in the CYCA are available all year long. For all 2010 members whose memberships are processed by June 5th, you will be entered into a random drawing to win great prizes. The prizes will be awarded at the June 8th CYCA general meeting. These prizes are in addition to all the great benefits that come with your CYCA membership. The benefits pay for the membership in only two or three uses!

Memberships help pay for many of the services we provide you. Please consult your tax advisor on the deductibility of your membership dues.

CYCA 2010 Memberships

By Maggie Cardwell

The following memberships were received as of April 23rd. Memberships received after the 23rd will be listed in the next issue. The Cooper-Young Community Association is supported by paid memberships, and anyone is welcome to join and receive the benefits of membership, which include discounts to local businesses. You can join online at

Community Memberships

Eric Angel

Connie Arduini

Drew Barton

Kristina Baukal

Nancy Beard

Craig & Elizabeth Blondis

Donna Bowers

Karen Capps

Judy Card

John Carter

Paul Clarke

Christine Conley

Kristi Conroy

Chris Dacus

Amanda Davis

Jason & Lisa Dawson

Art & Kim Edmaiston

Matthew Fraser

Bo Graham

Todd & Jennifer Green

Melodie Griffin

Barbara Grimes

Joshua & Ashley Hannah

Jacob & Karen & Brian Harmon

Kenny Hayes

Patrick & Laura Helper-Ferris

Brandon Herbers

Leah or Josh Hillis

Jacqueline Johns

Danny Johnson

Robby Johnston

Lisa Lumb

Matt & Rachel Lyles

Sally Miller-Vondran

Annie Mize

Rondey Nash

Maria Parham

Naomi Ragsdale

Dimitri Randall

Jan Renshaw

Jeanne Reynolds

Mollie Jaye Riggs

Carol Robison

Robin Salant

Jeanne Seagle

Kevin Sheaffer

Cat Snyder

Kyle Smith

Nathan Tipton

Pat & Cathie Turns

David Upton

Judy Vandergrift

Jenna Vondran

Lizi Ward

Dana Whitehead

Nancy Wiers

Darius Williams

Randle Witherington

Donation In Memory of

Earl Vondran from Sally Miller-Vondran and Jenna Vondran


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