Painted Planet to showcase woodcarving skills of Edwin Jeffrey

By Danny Bowers

[singlepic id=215 w=320 h=240 float=right]On May 14th, from 8–10 pm, Painted Planet will feature the woodcarving skills of artist Edwin Jeffery. Edwin’s work has been compared to wood carver Elijah Pearce. This event is free to the public and will last through June 4th. Painted Planet is located at 798 South Cooper. For additional information, contact Donna Bowers at 901-725-0054 or visit

Also, every Saturday night, Painted Planet hosts “Saturday Night Live at the Planet.” From 8–10 pm, performers will offer free entertainment—from performance art to musicians, comedians, poets, and performers of all types. Popcorn and drinks will be available. Bring your own beer and lawn chairs. Rain on Saturday cancels the event for that day. Saturday Night Live at the Planet will last through the last Saturday in August.


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