Tips to make this season a safe one

By Kyle Gowen

As springtime not-so-subtly reminds us that the world can be a beautiful place, the Safety Committee would like to remind you of some important ways to keep you and your beautiful friends and family safe. Most of these pointers are basic and have often been repeated before, but as the saying goes, “Common sense is not so common.” Please adhere to these tips if possible, and, of course, use common sense.

If a stranger knocks on your door looking for yard work, just say no. It is easy to find a reputable yard man (or lady) by asking a friend, reading our LampLighter advertisements, or doing it yourself. Many times, these “workers” have another agenda. Such as casing your property for anything of value that is not tied down. This risk can be mitigated by securing all yard equipment and inscribing said equipment with your driver’s license number. The presence of your DL number decreases the odds of it getting pawned and increases the odds that it will be found if it grows legs and walks away.

Keep your valuables out of your car, or at least out of eyesight. At last month’s Midtown Security Community meeting, it was reported that the biggest crime in our area is car larceny. If I was a thief, I could have millions in change and CDs.

If you see a street light that does not work, please report it to MLGW. There is an identifying number on the pole that allows them to locate it. Criminals prefer darkness, much like cockroaches.

Since you are already being responsible, you might as well check your smoke alarms, dump out any standing water to prevent mosquitoes, and, for goodness sake, call your mother every once in awhile. She misses you.


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