Barksdale Market reopening delayed

By Emily Bishop

[singlepic id=204 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]Plans to reopen the Barksdale Market have been delayed due to problems repairing the leaky roof. The store at the corner of Barksdale and Nelson was reported to be reopening in late March or early April as the Cooper-Young Deli Mart in the March issue of the LampLighter. The new owners, Roosevelt Bowles and James Jordan, were contacted to find out what, if any, progress was being made at the store. Mr. Bowles shared that there had been delays in the owner of the building completing repairs to the leaky roof, and he had postponed his plans to open the store as the Cooper-Young Deli Mart. Repairs on the roof are supposed to be completed by mid May, and they hope to open the store in June. Look for an update in the June issue of the LampLighter.


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