Join the forces to clean behind the scenes

By Andy Ashby

On July 26th, the Cooper-Young Community Association will organize a neighborhood-wide alley clean-up in order to make Cooper-Young a safer and cleaner place.

In the past, the CYCA has cleaned up one or two alleys at a time. This year, we’re going to use pre-trial workers, paired with neighborhood volunteers, in order to get more done.

The following alleys have been identified for clean-up: the first between Nelson and Oliver from Cooper to McLean, the second between Evelyn and Elzey from Cooper to Tanglewood, the third between Felix and Young from Barksdale to McLean, the fourth between Felix and Walker from Barksdale to McLean, and the fifth between Oliver and Young from Tanglewood to McLean.

If we’re missing any alleys from this list, please contact the CYCA offices.

[singlepic id=217 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]The plan is to have two groups of 10 pre-trial workers start at each end of an alley and, working with neighborhood volunteers, meet in the middle. Then, we’ll move on to the next alley.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact your block club captains about organizing a workforce for your street.

The CYCA will provide water and some tools.

Alley clean-ups are important to neighborhood safety because oftentimes they’re used by criminals as places to hide burglary tools or stolen items. Also, keeping them clear makes it easier for police patrols to get through.

CYCA volunteers have already done several clean-ups already this year. In addition to the Gazebo to Gateways clean-up, three volunteers took it upon themselves to pick up trash along both sides of Southern, from the Airways overpass to Cooper. Sharron Johnson, Rodney Nash, and Jordan Danelz took time out of their weekend to pick-up bagfuls of trash. Also, Mike Jones has been working on the overgrown hillside next to the McLean trestle with assistance from Stoy Bailey, cutting down dead trees and clearing out vines.


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