And the Yard-of-the-Month goes to…

By Sydney Ashby

[singlepic id=254 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]1889 Nelson Avenue

The 2010 inaugural Yard-of-the-Month for June (west of Cooper) goes to 1889 Nelson Avenue. With its stone work and perfectly placed trees, the yard conveys a simple but lovely elegance. Paul Linxwiler and Jonathan Cole have put a lot of work into their yard since moving to Cooper-Young from East Memphis in September 2008. The front beds are lined with azaleas and a crepe myrtle by theporch steps. Mondo grass and hawthorn run along the walk in the front yard. Two trees provide depth and balance: a Japanese maple and a Redbud. Hostas and Mums lay in the beds surrounding the trees. All the flowerbeds are lined with sandstone bringing a sense of order and design. Paul and Jonathan say that living in Cooper-Young is “better than we imagined! We love the people in CY, the feeling of living in a real neighborhood with terrific homes and being able to walk to our favorite eateries. CY is the best!” And I think a lot of people would agree with them. Please congratulate Paul and Jonathan for their beautiful yard of the month!

[singlepic id=253 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=right]1068 S. Cox Street

The Yard of the Month (east of Cooper) goes to 1068 S. Cox. The red door catches your eye and the red cushioned chairs make the porch a perfect resting spot to enjoy the view. This stucco house has four columns that create a nice balance that is echoed by pots of flowers filled with begonias and other long blooming flowers. The flower beds on either side of the front steps are lined with field stone and hold azaleas with impatients in front that are just beginning to bloom. This yard is a perfect example of how to make a small yard simple beautiful.


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