Cooper-Young greets international artists at Gallery Fifty Six

By J. Everett

Gallery Fifty Six reaches beyond Memphis as members of the Energy Art Movement (EAM) contribute their work for the July show, Energizing Radiance. EAM is an international contemporary multimedia art movement promoting quality, diversity, and evolution on the common ground of energetic depictions. The artists believe that enhancing their creations with energy adds value to their art as they strive to follow a progressive trend of evolution in the Fine Arts.

Founder Giorgio Vaselli says, “We are in a phase of transition where distressing economic times have crept into homes with real-life implications. The current mentality, however, is just a fleeting illusion, and it only takes a new energizing vision to alleviate it. This is the purpose of our exhibition. We wish to bring some of our inner light to the people.”

Vaselli, a Hungarian who now lives in Canada, will be at the gallery for the opening reception, as will participating artists from around the world. Vaselli along with curator, Janice Nabors Raiteri, and assistant curator, Rollin Kocsis, will be giving interviews about the movement throughout July at local TV and radio stations. Raiteri and Kocsis, members of EAM, each had several works selected for display in the show.

Energizing Radiance will bring light energy to people who see the show,” says Vaselli. “This show will shine at Gallery Fifty Six, catalyzing the much-needed mental transition from the recession toward more optimistic vistas.” The show will run from July 1-30.

The public is invited to the artists’ reception on Friday, July 9th from 5-8 pm, at the gallery. For more information, please call 901-276-1251 or go online to For an intriguing look at EAM, check out their site at


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