Community Association 
is financially sound

By John Kinsey

The Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA) is not going bankrupt! I make this announcement because it has come to my attention that rumors to the contrary are beginning to surface. However, nothing could be further from the truth. We are led by a strong, dedicated board of directors, and our financial records and meeting minutes are open to the public for viewing. Our events continue to attract attendees and raise much of the money needed for our operations. Our newspaper, the LampLighter, continues to deliver news and ads monthly to over 3,000 households and businesses. We are a model for community associations nationwide.

Unfortunately, not all organizations promoting Cooper-Young can claim a healthy financial outlook. Due to economic setbacks the Cooper-Young Development Corporation (CYDC) is operating without paid staff and has limited operations at this time.

How do the CYCA, the CYBA, and the CYDC differ?

I know it can be confusing when all three community organizations use “Cooper-Young” in their names. Let me try to clarify.

The Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA) is an alliance of residents and interested parties who work together to make our diverse and historic neighborhood a desirable and safe place to live, worship, work, and play. Our big events include the Art for Art’s Sake Auction, the Friday Festival 4 Miler, and the new, upcoming Regional Beer Festival.

The mission of the Cooper-Young Business Association (CYBA) is to reclaim the buildings, streetscapes, and businesses of the district in an effort to promote a better business climate and to promote the neighborhood as a desirable place to live, work, and patronize. Their big events include the CY Festival in September and CY Night Out on the first Thursday of each month.

The Cooper-Young Development Corporation (CYDC) is dedicated to sustaining and growing our neighborhood by actively building and advocating for a vibrant, affordable, and beautiful community environment. Their recent big project is housing on Seattle Street.

The CYCA is a stand-alone entity and is not part of the CYBA or the CYDC. We maintain separate mission statements, boards of directors, and office space. At one time we did share the 2298 Young Avenue location with the others, but since April we have owned the building and have been the only one of the three organizations housed there.

The CYCA is a robust organization and it will remain viable and strong into the future. Questions regarding the future of the CYDC can be addressed to the CYDC Board President, Reb Haizlip at


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