Cooper-Young takes the lead in the Smallest User competition

By Debbie Sowell

Those of you in attendance at the July CYCA meeting were probably surprised to learn that, after some number glitches were corrected by MLGW, Cooper-Young is now winning the Smallest User contest! But wait. Don’t rest on your laurels! We are not winning by much and both neighborhoods are still consuming more energy in 2010 than in 2008. There is a lot of work to be done.

At the CYCA meeting, CY residents were asked to make a pledge to take simple steps to change their habits and conserve energy in their homes, from turning off lights in unoccupied rooms to changing thermostat settings. If you were unable to come to the meeting but are interested in making a similar pledge of participation, please email Ashley Akin at You may also email her with a brief account of what you are doing in your home to conserve energy. These submissions will be posted on the Smallest User website,, as well as the CYCA website,, and will serve as an encouragement to your fellow neighbors. Everyone knows that CY is green. Let’s hear about it!

The neighborhood with the best numbers will receive a small cash prize and a 10-foot, public sculpture that absorbs the sun’s rays during the day and glows at night. This artwork definitely needs to be in CY, wouldn’t you agree?


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