Second Progressive Potluck sizzled

By Emily Bishop

Saturday, July 24 was one of the hottest days of the year, but the hosts of the second fundraiser for the McLean Mural project stayed in the kitchen and showed that they could take the heat. 26 people bought $20 tickets so that they could go to three homes and enjoy good food and conversation. A last minute attack on one of the families by a stomach bug meant that plans were shifted to entertain at just two homes. Leslie Thompson and Mark Morrison of Young Avenue were first on the list followed by June and Justin Hurt of Evelyn Avenue. The fundraiser was enjoyed by many CY residents as well as friends from Central Gardens and the Overton Square area.

The Progressive Potlucks provide a fun way to raise money and meet new people, but the name of the event is a bit misleading. Although the event is progressive (going from one house to another), it is not acutally a potluck. The hosts provide all of the food and beverages. Watch for annoucements from the CYCA about the next Progressive Dinner for the McLean Mural on the website


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