Block clubs gearing up for Neighborhood Night Out

By Ginger Spickler
First the good news! Thanks to the great folks who have volunteered to take on the job, we have eleven new block clubs in 2010, bringing the grand total to 31 as of this writing. Come Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) the ‘hood should be rocking with lots of parties!
In order to help your block club’s captain create a roster that can be used for safety issues, social events, and more, I’d like to ask that you take a moment to locate your block club in this list and email your captain with your name, address, and phone number. This will help them get a good start on organizing the NNO party without having to schlep up and down the block in the heat collecting info.
Now for the bad news. Despite the record number of block clubs now in existence, there are still almost as many blocks that don’t have clubs as do. If you don’t see a captain listed for your block, that’s because there isn’t one. Could it be you?
The main job of a captain is simply to host (or recruit someone else to host) the NNO party on October 12. There’s always more you can do if you have the time and energy, but even if that’s all you do you’ll be performing a great service for your community. Contact me at for more details!

Street Boundaries Name Email Address
Blythe Nelson & Young Sarah Hallum
Cooper Elzey & Evelyn Adrianne Braun
Cooper Oliver & Young Cheryl Bledsoe
Cox Nelson & Young Michael Harris
Cox Young & Walker Amanda Hill
Elzey New Elzey Michael Taylor and Brian Fiorino
Elzey New York & E. Parkway Rachel & Dan Henderson
Evelyn Cooper & Tanglewood June Hurt
Evelyn Tanglewood & Barksdale Emily Bishop
Evelyn Cooper & Cox McCarley DuBois
Evelyn Cox & E. Parkway Emily Holmes and Paul Haught
Beth Pulliam
Felix Cooper & Tanglewood Julianna Donahue
Felix Tanglewood & Barksdale Aaron James
Felix Barksdale & McLean Jason Elder
Fleece Southern & Walker Chuck Pitts
Meda Nelson & Young Kim Edmaiston
Metcalf Faye Garner
Nelson Cooper & Tanglewood Josh & Ginger Spickler
Nelson Tanglewood & Barksdale Andy Ashby
Nelson Barksdale & McLean Scarlett Cook
Larry Rutledge
Nelson Cox & E. Parkway Suzzane Striker
New York Walker & Southern Whitney Jo
Oliver Tanglewood & Barksdale Peter & Diana Owen
Oliver Barksdale & McLean Heather Kolasinsky
Philip Schwab
Philadelphia Nelson & Young Robert Grisham
Chad Ahren
Rembert Walker & Southern Dildra Williams
Walker Cooper & Tanglewood Asuka & Jeremy Yow
Walker Tanglewood & Barksdale Lyndi & Matt Sugg
Kristin Peterson
Walker Barksdale & McLean Ashley Hannah
Liz Engel
York Cox & E. Parkway Eliza Warren


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