BLOG REPORT: Jabberwocky takes a new direction

By Kara Chamberlain
When first designing the Jabberwocky I solicited the help of Google alerts that notified me when Cooper-Young or Midtown made an online appearance. The project seemed promising enough until I began to notice that nearly 90% of my alerts were coming from blogs. I began to investigate these blogs and found some incredible information that local Memphians are writing about our area. Upon making this discovery I decided to change the premise of Jabberwocky in order to direct residents to the many informative and entertaining blogs available on the web. Whether you want to learn about the best take out restaurants in the area, upcoming music events, or best buys in real estate, you can find a blog to assist you. The blogs listed are created and designed by individuals who regularly report and update their topics. Information on blogs change daily, so I will provide a brief synopsis of the blog along with the web address. Each month I will list five new blogs that I have discovered and a description of the information that they focus on.

  1. I Love Memphis – This blog has become one of my absolute favorites primarily because it lists everything wonderful about Memphis. Kerry Trisler, the designer of this blog, covers anything and everything about Memphis. Her reports range from the best locations to eat, to the best venues to listen to local music, to the must see art shows, sports events, and theatre productions in Memphis. Kerry is a Cooper-Young resident and works hard to prove that people should be proud to be Memphians and that Memphis is an awesome and fun place to live. Follow Kerry and her daily adventures into the town we know but never really noticed for its splendor (Check out the Memphis scavenger hunt and see if you can find all the items on the list before Kerry does!).
  2. The Great and Secret Thing – This blog is for the artists on the bluff. It is a fantastic resource for rising artists to find motivation from fellow artists. The site rotates five writers each day, featuring one of the five. These writers blog about their art, music, film, and writings, whether poems, prose, or essay. The artists tend to keep a series based on a certain topic of interest. The site is open to any artist who wishes to post some of their work and desires to become a TGST contributor. This is a fantastic way to explore local artists and to display your art in any form for all to see.
  3. Midtown Stomp, a Memphis Wine Journal – Meet the Memphis wine connoisseur Michael Huges. Follow Michael’s blog as he tastes and reports on his fine dining adventures through Memphis. Midtown Stomp is an excellent source to find restaurants and events for a more refined palette. It will even guide you to places outside Memphis as Michael travels to various vineyards and talks about what he learns about wine. Midtown Stomp also contains a list of other related blogs if any fellow wine connoisseur wishes to learn more about the subject.
  4. Ask Vance – Vance Lauderdale is the Memphis history guru. Ask Vance is a blog completely devoted to Memphis history. If you have a question about a particular person, building, or event in history, Vance will answer any question you might have with extensive and insightful information. For all history buffs and Memphis lovers, this blog has loads of incredible information that you would never know about the places you see everyday. For instance, did you know that Fairview Junior High School served as a hospital during the Civil War? If you love history and love Memphis, visit Ask Vance.
  5. Dining with Monkeys – It’s always a challenge to find restaurants that are family friendly and fun for all ages. Dine with Stacey Greenberg and her two “monkeys,” Satchel and Jiro, and find some of the best locations to eat with kids! Restaurants range from fast food locations to casual dining to fine dining. Dining with Monkeys is a good blog to read when you’re stuck in a rut and looking for a new and fun place to take your family out to eat. Follow Stacey and her monkeys in their adventures through the fun restaurants of Memphis.


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