2010 CY Festival Vendors

Section A
A1-2    Sweetgrass
A3    Summerwinds Resorts
A4-5    CYCA – CY Festival T-shirts
A6    The Flying Pencil Art
A7    House of Mews Cat Adoption
A18    Paul Clark Artwork
A9    Blue Sky Tie Dye
A10    Glass Finish art
A11    Metal Museum
A12-13    New Contemporary Works By Amery
A14    Hand Carved Wooden Gifts
A15    Garden Delights
A16    Albert Cook Plumbing
A17    Saltire Images & Photography
A18    BOH Creations
A19    Buckeye Hollow
A2    WEVL FM 89.9
A21    Dilly and Dough
A22-23    Spring River Candles
A24-25    Midtown Acupuncture
A26    Elaine Neeley Arti
A27-28    Generations
A29    Can I Keep It?
A30    Solstice Studios
A31    Vintage Clothing and Folk Art
A32-33    Celtic Crossing    Restaurant
A34    In The Eye Designs
A35    Through the Portals Fused Glass
A36    Judy Vandergrift fine art
A37    Multi Media by Lauren Coulson
A38    Pinkie’s Jams & Jellies
A39    Tutu Fancy    tutus
A40    Mixed Metal Jewelry
A41    GinkgoGlass
A42    Dorothy Spencer Art
A43    Kingfish HotRods Metal Art
A44    David Smith Antiques
45-46    Artistic Impressions by Dottie Harness
A47    Backwoods Toys
A48    Winfrey Works
A49    Debbie Sew Busy
A50-51    Rich’s Folk Art
A52    Liz Stafford Designs
A53    St. John’s SOJOs
A54    Creative Wire Jewelry
A55    Anderson’s Pottery
A56    Marjorie Mebane Originals
A57    Southland Park Gaming & Racing
A58    Southern Soy
A59    Heifer International
A60    Sew Great!
A61    Marokel Handcrafted Jewelry
A62    Mr. Sogs Creatures
A63    Sierra Club Chickasaw Group
A64    GaGa in Memphis
A65    Paintings Kristi Bauer
A66    P.M. Crafts
A67    Chris Greer Studio
A68    John D’s Wood Things
A69    Sundry Blossoms
A70    Lali’s Designs
A71-72    Graffiti Graphics
A73    Boyd’s Photography
A74    Poplar Ridge Pottery
A75    Tracey Lee Duncan Artworks
A76    Real Art
A77    Silver Leaf Jewelry
A78    Memphis Freethought Alliance
A79    Joy Wright
A80    Emily Allison Studios
A81    Earthcrafts
A82    Fancy That! Hats
A83    Stevie’s Stuff
A84    Wooden hands
A85    McAlister’s Deli
A86-87    The Eclectic Artist
A88    Snookies
A89    The Dead Set
A90-91    Cabin Dreamworks
A92    Marjorie’s Meltdowns
A93    Down South Country Candles
A94    Ledman/Lunsford Art
A95    Trilogy Tattoos     bumper stickers
A96    Patricia Louriero Jewelry
A97    Friends for Our Riverfront
A98    Just*a*tad Crosses and Such
A99    Hats etc. by Trudy
A100    Love Nation Creations
A102    Handmade Books and Other Art
A103    Utopia Animal Hospital
A104    Ole Don’s Craft Shoppe
A105    Zebra Marketing T-shirt
A106    Toadilly Handmade
107-108    J & S Design
109-110    Au Fond Farmable
A111    Gavin’s Metal Art
A112    Soy Creations
A113    Sherry Sanders
A114    Burke’s Book Store
A115    A-Star Canvas Paintings
A116    Rene Nickel
A117    Certo Italian Handcraft
A118    Starving Artists’ Co-op
A119    Dell Clark    Studio art jewelry
A120    Rock Paper Scissors
A121    Memphis Roller Derby
122-123    Robyn G. Nickell and Co.
A124    J & D Richardson Photography
A125    Playhouse on the Square
A126    Art n Things
A127    On the Rag Designs
128-129    Southern Rocks and Fossils
A130    Vintagecraft
A131    Greywood Creations
A132    SJS Images Fused Glass
A133    For the love of vintage
A134    Sew Sassi Quilts
135-136    Pronto Pup
A137    Lenny’s Sub Shops
A138    Don Blalock specimens
A139    Temp U Temporary Tattoos
A140    Angi Art & Pottery by Sandy
A141    Bearly Chenille
A142    Artsy Fartsy
A143    Bebo folk art
A144    Attic dwellers
A145    EyeAccentuate Photography
A146    Mid-South Pride
147-148    MGLCC
A149    Joanz N Studios
A150    Happy Hippie
A151    Painted by Holly
A152    Planned Parenthood
A153    Wilmot Originals
A154    J. R. Pillows
155-156    By Nature Playing w/Fire
A157    Powers Design & Studio
A158    Candy Hill Creations
A159    ANA Designs
160-161    Memphis Drum Shop
A163    Art by Susan
A164    The Art of the Bath
A165    Susanglass and Hel’s Bels Beads
A166    Wolf River Conservancy
A167    Morrisette Pottery
A168    M & M Handcrafts
169-170    Soul Fish Café
A171    Salvation Army Kroc Center
A172    MPM Designs
A173    Meg’s Unique Beaded Jewelry
A174    Unique Gifts
A175    Custom Trinkets & Treasures
A176    HPC
A177    Celtic Dream Creations
A178    Painted Aurora
A179    Joy Artfully
A180    Imagine Brazil
A181    Vintage Collectables and Jewelry
A184-85    Ben & Jerry’s
A186    Karen Bottle Capps Folk Art
A187    Gail Grice Pottery
A188    Wolf Ridge Crafts
A189    Gurleygurl Design
A190    Daily Blessings Farm Goat Milk Soap
A191    T-Mobile
A192    P & G Creations
A193    Love For Sale
A194    Art from Door of Hope
A195    Beauty Hound
A196    Prestage Artistic Wood
A197    Kindred Spirit Styles
A198    Concessions
A199    Concessions
A200    Cha Cha Charly’s
A201    Zoftigdoll
A202    Ear Art Designs
A203    Enchanted Florist
A204    Leslie Turner Designs
A205    Coldwater Alpaca Ranch
A206    Pet Hats & Tags
A207    Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services
A208    MPACT Memphis
A209    Castle Delites
Sections B
B1    Mewtopia Cat Rescue
B2    Methodist Healthcare / Emer.Mobile
B3    Studio 1688
B4    Art by Kenny Hays
B5    Big River Graphics
B6    The Blues Foundation
B7    Covenant Creek Farm – Goat Dairy
B8    McCarter Coasters
B9    Empty Space
B10    Green Seas Wire
B11    Indie Memphis
B12    Lil McKH Jewelry
B13    Christine Jones Photography
B14    Glassical Imagination Welcome
B15    Kelly Gourds
B16    Kingfisher Designs Jewelry
B17    Concessions
B21    Liz’s Art
B22    Citizens to Preserve Overton Park
B23    Metal and Mud Designs
B24    The Guthridges
B25    Bob X Art
B27    Lalosh Silver
B28    Birdhouses Galore and More
B29    Gifted Hands
B30    Goner Records
B31    Lester Jones Raku
B32    Pawprintclothingcompany.com
B33    Lou’s Pizza
B34    ARTjamN
B35-36    Glass Works
B37-38    Yvonne Bobo
B39    Elke’s Bees
B40-41    Java Cabana
B42    Bubble & Wax Bistro
B42    CASA of Memphis
B43    Loudean’s
B44    Photography & Bottle Holders
B45    Adeli Designs
B46    Soul Food Canvases
B47    Snow Lake Pottery
B48    Girl’s With Guitars
B49    Amazing Jellyfish
B50    Garden Path Studio
B51    New World Henna
B52    Paintings By Sarah
Section C
C1    Art by Lizi Beard-Ward
C2    Chuck’s Fabulous Retro
C3    Glass Jewelry By Betty Burton
C4    Darla L-Henson / Bryan Blankenship
C5    Robert McCarroll Ceramics
C6    Artwork by Barry Joyce
C7    Desert Destiny Designs
C8    State Farm Insurance
C9    Lisa Hudson Pottery
C10    Rixwoodwurx
C11    Christenberry’s Creations
C12-13    Tracy Parish Collectibles
C14    Blockhead Arts
C15    Eco Art
C16    Mud Pie Factory
C17    Mr. Hyde’s Custom Leather
C18    Aluminations
C19-20    KCtiedye.com
C021    Shelby Farms Park & Greenline
C22    Jeffrey Stayton
C23    Garden of Aden
C24    Knitosophy
C25    Empty Nest Studio
C26    Art Works
C27    Antebellums
C28    Mark McKie
C29    Ellen Hays Jewelry
C30    Hartwell Arts
C31    Greater Memphis Greenline
C32    The Reef Restaurant
C33    WKNO
C34-35    Do Sushi
C36    The Beauty Shop
C37    Memphis Heritage
C38    Bell Fine Art Jewelers
C39    Jennifer Hyatt
C40    Driveway entrance to Section E
C41    Crop Circle Designs
C42    Weidhaas Design
C43    Filigree inc
C44    Opera Memphis
C45    Peace and Justice Center
C46    Revolutions Bicycle Shop
C47    Memphis Area Gay Youth
C48    Def. Depot Concerned Citizen Comm.
C49    First Congo Church
C50    First Congo Church
C51    Meditation Works
C52    Stellaware
C53    Anago Samina
C54    Memphis Bonsai Society
C55    D&J Creations    “sculptures
C56    K and J Designs or Wooden Toys
C57    Distracted Art
C58    Harper’s Slate Illuminations
C59    Apothecary Fairy
C60    Friends For Life
C61    My Word! Jewelry
C62    The Bag Girl
C63    Sam’s Engine Company
C64    Lawimosa Designs
C65    2 Stitches    “aprons
C66    Dryads Dancing
C67    Georgia Grace Ink
C68    Lifelink Church
Section D
D1    Irish Creations
D2    KC’s Clip Joint
D3-4    Flybabt Designs
D5    The Classy Bag Ladies
D6    Kmt. Creations    “Prints
D7    FlowLuckyFree
D8    Casm Creations
D9    AROMA 4 U
D10    International Flair
D11    Girls Night Out Parties
D12    Ladybug Loops
D13    Pomegranante Moon
D14    Hippie Geek
D15    Lucy’s Pottery
D16    Sistas’ Doin’ it for Themselves
D17    Name Trains
D18    The Freckled Frog
D19-20    Trinkets & Baubles
D21    Awesome Laundry
D22    Soc Creatures by Dara
D23    Handmade Jewelry Made Esp. for You
D24-25    Happy Days Clothing
D26    Kudzoo Kids
D27    Wire-wrapped Jewelry
D28    DeDe’s Jewelry Box
D29    Usborne Books & More
D30    Kathrene Labelle Jewelry
D31    Cookie Lee Jewelry and Scentsy Candles
D32    The Nile
D33    Lucky Bamboo
D34-35    Gifts To Go
D36    Bella Designs from Italy
D37    Bows By Lisa
D38    United Housing
D39    Bead-A-Ful Beads
D40    Heavenly Essence Skin Care
D41    Lynne’s Pearls
D42    Emme
D43    VonStine Jewelry Designs
D44    Make A Statement Studio
D45    Mid South Aikido
D46    Rhodes College Bid Diehl
D47    Insolite
D48    Best Wishes Boutique
D49    Groovy Gurlz
D50    Inspirations by Iron Petal
D51    Kashlee Kreations
D52    Funny Faces
D53    Ask A Vet
D54    Your Name in Gold or Silver
D55    Fire and Water Creations
Section E
E1    Michael Rocks Jewelry
E2    Paul Baker Books
E3    Agnes Gordon Spark Pottery
E4    AEB Design
E5    Tall Cotton Photography & Art
E6    Penny Poems
E7    Slover-Wilson-Art
E8    FeeFiFibby art
E010    Southern Silverworks
E11    Taro Pop
E12    GoodMoodGirl Mood Jewelry
E13    Erin Bradley Designs
E14    Lisa Bolton Art

E15    Knack Paintings

E20    Hooper Troopers Hula Hoops


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