Festival Friday 4 Miler Light the Way party contest

By Debbie Sowell
As we welcome the runners of the Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4 Miler to our ‘hood, there is only one rule; party, party, party!  Get together with your friends along the race route and cheer for the runners as you compete in our annual Light The Way contest. Start your planning now and notify the CYCA of your party. We will have judges in the pace car who will be giving you the eagle eye. Not in a bad way of course! Prizes will be awarded to the best party, so pick a theme, decorate, sing a song, and put on a show – whatever it takes to make your celebration memorable to the judges and the runners.
Email the CYCA at info@cooperyoung.org to notify us of the party address. We will be passing on additional information as September 17 draws near and bringing signage to your party on the day of the race to help with judging.


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