Football fans’ guide to Memphis

By Kara Chamberlain
Football season is here and ready to roll. What better place to watch your favorite sports team than at your favorite sports bar. Listed are 10 of the best locations to catch the must-see games of the season.
Fox & Hound – Voted the Memphis Most “Best Sports Bar,” the Fox will provide all you need for the big game. With a choice of 32 different beers on tap and nearly double the options available in bottle, the Fox has a beer that is right for you. The bar contains at least one projector screen, and there are dozens of plasma screened TVs in each room, making it ideal for your sports event. There are enough screens to cover almost every game you could want. In addition to watching sports, the Fox allows you to play your own games with your choice of billiards, darts, ping pong, and shuffle board. If you like, you can call ahead and reserve a space for your friends and fellow sports fanatics. 5101 Sanderlin Ave. (901) 763-2013. Also has a Cordova location.
Buffalo Wild Wings – Known for their wings, BWW can also indulge your fantasy football craze. Call ahead to plan your fantasy football party and receive discounts on your visit. There is never a dull moment at BWW and plenty of TV screens to catch any game on air. If you’re looking for a good place to have some beers and wings or just need a place to sit and view the game, then BWW is the place for you. 3448 Poplar Ave. (901) 324-9225. Check website for more locations.
Celtic Crossing – Though this may be an Irish Pub, Celtic Crossing plays all the seasons’ top games on their projector screens. If you’re not in the mood to venture too far from Cooper-Young but want to relax with some of your friends during the game, then Celtic is ideal for you. Don’t forget about their outdoor patio that’s perfect for the upcoming fall weather. 903 South Cooper St. (901) 274-5151.
Bardog Tavern – For downtowners in for an exciting scene, head to the basement of Bardog Tavern. With delicious food and a young, vibrant atmosphere, Bardog will satisfy your craving for gridiron battles. They have several giant screened TVs and two separate bars for all your drinking needs. Their bar is fully stocked and their staff is always on their A-game. 73 Monroe Ave. (901) 275-8752.
Huey’s – Any Memphian can tell you that Huey’s is an institution in this city. That can also be confirmed by their 7 successful restaurants placed throughout the Memphis area. If you are looking for a fun, kicked-backed atmosphere that’s appropriate for all ages, then Huey’s is the place for you. Huey’s offers casual football viewing, and you can always find one conveniently located near you. 77 S. 2nd St. (901) 527-2700 and 1927 Madison Ave. (901) 726-9767. See website for more locations.
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium – Care for a beer? There is no better place for variety than Flying Saucer, with 75 beers on tap. Enjoy the game and the view through their glassless windows overlooking downtown. If you like the hustle and bustle of the city, the taste of good beer, and the company of other sports fanatics, then make your way to the Flying Saucer. 130 Peabody Place (901) 523-7468. Also has a Cordova location.
Young Avenue Deli – Probably one of the most well know restaurants in Cooper-Young, you can always count on Young Avenue to provide football with a Midtown flare. You can never go wrong with their delicious food and there is plenty of space for everyone. Not wanting to travel too far to see your favorite sports team? Then just head to everyone’s favorite deli. 2119 Young Ave. (901) 278-0034.
Patrick’s Steaks & Spirits – Southern style cooking never taste better than during a fall football game at Patrick’s. Patrick’s provides the welcoming feel of a small, local bar the moment you step through the door. Patrick’s is ideal for camping out and watching the game without the hassle of an overwhelming crowd. Service is always solid and fun. 4972 Park Ave. (901) 682-5613.
Brookhaven Pub & Grill – A great place for sports lovers who know the local scene, Brookhaven takes pride in being the best location for college game day. Catch all the action in HD and on their outdoor patio with jumbo screens. Enjoy Brookhaven’s unique food that always has a special twist to it. If you want an environment that is all about sports and beer, then head to Brookhaven. 695 W. Brookhaven Cir. (901) 680-8118.
RP Tracks – This establishment is perfect for the college scene. Students agree that RP is one of the most popular bars for college students with the added bonus of being an awesome place for college football. Enjoy the game while playing pool or darts. This bar menu has an unusual signature dish, tofu BBQ, but don’t underestimate its flavor. For the student needing to watch some serious football close to campus, make your way to RP Track. 3547 Walker Ave. (901) 327-1471.


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