Gallery Fifty Six goes green in style

By J. Everett
In a world full of throw-aways, three artists prove that one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Emily Allison, Mark Lammie, and Kenny Hays find beauty and humor in the discarded. Their imaginative works fill Gallery Fifty Six with “trashy art” for the September show, Recycle!
Emily Allison loves junk. You may call it garbage, but in Emily’s hands those tin cans become finely beaten silver and those bits of glass transform into enamel mosaics. Throwing her offbeat sense of humor into her shake and bake creations, she serves up sculptures and collages that are beautiful, yet quietly humorous.
Mark Lammie gathers previously used materials like cans, wood, dirt, and bark for his work. “The materials I use have all been discovered along my art making road and get used, discarded, and reused constantly…every work I create is an act of discovery as well as a repeat of a previous act, just like life.” His creations will lure you in as his stories unfold.
Kenny Hays has always been a railroad man, which means lots of down time waiting for that next train. That’s when he hits the tracks and picks up stuff. Lots of stuff! His found-object mobiles hang from Memphis overpasses, and his lone pipe and pliers saxophone player is soon joined by an entire scrap-metal orchestra. You’ll be delighted with his repertoire.
Everyone is invited to the artist’s reception, Friday, September 10, from 5-8pm, at Gallery Fifty Six, 2256 Central Avenue. Wear your garage sale bargains and enjoy seeing what really happened to all that stuff you’ve thrown away! For more information go online to or call (901) 276-1251.


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