A fun and safe Halloween in CY

By Shelley Thomas
Do you know what you’re doing for Halloween? Do you have your costume? Many of us don’t but those with kids do. In fact, we’ve already bought costumes and are planning our parties. You might not know, but there are tons of kids living in CY, and they will be out trick-or-treating on Halloween in their Buzz Lightyear and super hero costumes. Many kids who don’t live in the neighborhood like to join in the CY fun, and although we’re happy to host, we want to ensure a fun and safe Halloween!
Past safety concerns have included people cruising and letting their kids run across the streets and children knocking on doors after 9pm (even with the lights off). These concerns were enough for the CYCA to take action. Based on what other neighborhoods are doing, it was decided that the following steps would be taken this year with the hopes that nothing more will be needed.
To ensure a safe Halloween, the CYCA will be putting out yard signs requesting that people park and walk vs. drive while trick-or-treating and to end at 8pm (a poll was conducted on the CYCA website and the majority of participants voted to end at 8pm). In addition, volunteers will patrol the neighborhood and remind people to adhere to the yard sign request. To volunteer email volunteer@cooperyoung.org or call (901) 272-2922. We need everyone to keep an eye out for any safety concerns and call the police if necessary (901-545-COPS). We also ask everyone who is not passing out candy to turn their porch lights off during trick-or-treating hours and for the whole neighborhood to turn their porch lights out at 8pm, unless they are having a party.
We anticipate a fun and safe Halloween this year. If you wish to volunteer to help make that happen, please contact the CYCA office and leave your name and contact information so that a representative can get in touch with you. If you wish to learn more about the annual Halloween party for kids organized by the Cooper-Young Parents Network (CYPN) to be held Saturday, October 30, join the CYPN yahoo group and get party specifics, as well as other great information. The CYPN celebrated its 2 year anniversary at the Festival Friday 4 Miler and was recently highlighted in the Commercial Appeal.


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