Cooper-Young promotes dog safety awareness

By April Boleware
We’ve all seen them – the signs, the emails, and the most heartbreaking of them all, the car that stops with the child in the backseat asking, “Have you seen our dog?” It is every pet owner’s nightmare, and in our community it happens a lot. We take so many steps to keep our pets safe with Frontline, Heartguard, and even pet insurance. But what happens if they get lost? I know that on more than one occasion I have heard my husband yell from the back door, “Get out front!” This is code for, “I left the side gate open, and Evie is heading for the front yard.” Thankfully, she knows she’s not supposed to be out there, but what if we hadn’t noticed?
Luckily we had her microchipped. It was one of those things on the new puppy checklist. I have talked to many people in our neighborhood who say they intend to take that step but just haven’t gotten around to it. For those who are unfamiliar with the microchip process, it is a very simple procedure that literally involves a microchip. It contains a code that houses all of your pet’s vital information including the pet’s name, owner, and veterinary information. It is implanted under the skin using a small syringe, between the shoulder blades. All veterinarians, shelters, and the Humane Society have microchip scanners to check for microchips in the event that a dog is brought in as lost or stolen. There are several different types of microchips available, but the most popular is AVID. The AVID microchip charges a one -time fee that does not require an annual renewal. Change of address is the only cost that can be later incurred. For more information on this company you can visit their website at
During the last CY Safety Committee meeting, we talked about ways to encourage pet owners to do what they can to protect their pets in the event that they are lost or stolen. Block captains are, of course, a great resource, but how will we get the message out to everyone? On Saturday, November 13, from 1-4pm, the CYCA will be hosting a “Register Your Pet Day!” with the help of Central Animal Hospital located at 2192 Central Avenue. Steve Karnes, owner of Central Animal Hospital, will be offering our residents a discount on microchipping services. The usual fee is about $80, but they have offered to do it for $40! They will also be showing off their newly renovated boarding facility that can play host to both dogs and cats. We will be starting a flicker page that will provide a photo of your precious pooch and all their vital contact information. In the event that your four-legged family member goes missing, Cooper-Young residents can search this website to help find the owner. Taking advantage of this opportunity is a great way to protect your pets, meet your neighbors, and maybe even set up a play date at our local dog park. For more information on this event, you can email April Boleware at We hope to see you there!


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