Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking

By Jacob Flowers
Mahatma Gandhi lived his life as an experiment in truth. The sentiment of his time was that a battle fought without the use of violence was a battle that would be lost. But Gandhi knew differently and lived his life according to nonviolent ideals. This life inspired the actions of another icon of our modern times, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King too conducted his own great experiment as he waged campaigns to demand human and civil rights for the poor and people of color in this country. His experiment, unfortunately, ended here in Memphis, but the greater experiment that both of these figures pioneered continues today in the struggle for social justice taking place all over the world.
October 22-24 will mark the continuation of another great experiment as the seventh annual Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking opens its door to hundreds of youth and adults from all over the country. The Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking, with Tim Wise, Rev. Billy Kyles, Spirit Trickey-Rowan, Jaribu Hill, and workshops from dozens of other experts, is a three day event bringing together modern visionaries on nonviolence and social change. At this conference community leaders, activists, academics, and organizers will train, plan, and learn to create a culture of liberation and justice for all.
Participants will engage in training and education in nonviolent theory and practice. They will also have the opportunity to network and learn from movement builders from all over the country. Conference participants will end the transformational weekend in a better position to decide, where to put their energies for maximum effect and with concrete tools to use in their personal and social movement work. We hope that you can join us for this important event as we learn the skills, make the connections, and provide the inspiration to make our community a better place.
If you are interested in attending, please visit for more information and to register securely online. If you have any questions, please contact the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center at (901) 725-4990. Also, if you or someone you know is a high school or middle school aged youth, then register for the Gandhi-King PeaceJam Slam. This all-day youth conference offers high school and middle school youth an innovative community building experience full of fun and inspiration. If you or your child are interested in participating, please contact Mikkel at (901) 260-3733.


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