Santa is coming to CY in November

By Kristan Huntley
In November a very special guest will make a stop in the neighborhood for one evening only. He has a white beard, a big jolly laugh, and travels with an entourage of elves. No, it’s not Gandalf.
Come on out to the Gazebo on Thursday, November 11, at 5:30pm and visit with the one and only Santa Claus! Santa loves Cooper-Young and its residents, and he is a big supporter of the McLean Mural Project. As a fundraiser, he has offered to take his photo with you and your family for a small fee, all of which goes to benefit the Mural Project. How generous!
For $5 per sitting, you may take your own photo of you, your kids, your pet (yes, Santa is animal-friendly), or any combination of the above. For $8 per sitting, a volunteer photographer and Santa’s helper elves will take the photo for you and e-mail it to you afterward. And remember, the money goes to a good cause.
Now, what does “per sitting” mean? A sitting, for example, would be if you wanted a photo taken of your son, Johnny, and Santa. If you wanted to take another picture, adding the family dog, Rex, and yourself to the photograph (because you are never too old for Santa!), then you, Johnny, and Rex can be in the photo with Santa, but you would pay another sitting fee. So, for a mere $16, you have made Johnny’s year, totally confused your dog, got to be a kid again, have two cool Christmas photos, and helped support Cooper-Young and the Mural Project!
Santa does need a bit of help though. He’s trying to pack light during his pre-holiday travels, and so he needs a cool backdrop and a nice, comfy, Santa-suitable chair. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you have any questions or can lend a backdrop or chair for the day, please e-mail Kristan Huntley at You better be good until Thursday, November 11, though. Santa is watching!


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