Urban Outfitters coming to the corner of Central and Cooper

By Brad Christian
Entering the neighborhood from the north, you may have recently noticed some activity in the long-empty building at Central and Cooper. The building, that most recently housed an antique mall and seasonal craft market, will become home to the neighborhood’s first national retail chain, Urban Outfitters. The store will contain over 11,000 square feet of trendy clothing and home décor and will open in March as the state’s second location.
When we first heard about the possibility of the store moving into the neighborhood, we asked for feedback on our website and got several responses.
Some, like Kristan Huntley, were cautious about the prospect, “I am usually against big chains in a neighborhood, but if done correctly and sensitively, this could be really cool. My biggest concern would be the traffic, because it is on a busy corner.”
Another viewpoint came from Leslie Thompson, “I’d shop there. I already shop their online store. At least this way I could ride my bike there and get instant gratification at the same time. I hate waiting for stuff in the mail. Win. Win.”
Commenter Sam Davis is downright giddy, “This would be an absolutely incredible deal if it worked out! I am an 18-year-old who would be ecstatic if this happened. It fits the area, and it’s a great store with great morals!”
Comments like these seem to suggest the store is off to a good start with customer demand. Another plus is the company’s adaptive reuse of a historic structure, reversing a recent trend in Midtown chain development.


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