Volunteers make it happen

By Maggie Cardwell and Beth Pulliam
We hope everyone enjoyed the Festival Friday 4 Miler and the Festival this year. We would like to extend a deep, heartfelt thank you to the many volunteers that made it all possible. Terry Lawrence and the AutoZone volunteers, David, Dawn, and Tina, have always worked hard for the community of Cooper-Young. Although this year we had planned on letting them take it easy, we hit a big snag at the race, and they stepped up to pull us through, working double time. We just cannot thank you guys enough.
In addition to the unwavering devotion of our long-time community volunteers and new neighbors who have joined in to help, we would also like to extend a special thank you to Bluff City Sports, Brent Barrett and team, for assisting us with clean-up, Memphis Runners and Track Club volunteers for finish line support, Breakaway Running volunteers for manning a water station, Union Avenue Baptist Church volunteers for manning the finish line water station, and the Target volunteers who assisted with course management.
Was the food really good? You bet it was! Kevin Luke and his crew, from Outback Steakhouse on Union, grilled for more than 1800 runners and volunteers. The Camy’s pizza crew, Mary Ferguson, Keith Rook, Amanda Saunders, and Larry Hicks, provided every variety of Camy’s specialty pizzas and subs to feed the lot as well. Weeks of preparation went into making this wonderful food happen for the Festival Friday 4 Miler. Thank you all so much for the thought, consideration, support, and volunteer time that you give to the Cooper-Young community.
Listed below are the names of the volunteers who worked the Festival Friday 4 Miler and the CY Community Association booth on Festival day. If we missed your name, please let us know. Remember to mark your calendars for the CYCA Volunteer Thank You Party, coming soon on December 14, 2010.

  • David Adams
  • Glenn Althoff
  • Connie Arduini
  • Andy Ashby
  • Tonya Ashworth
  • Lou Ann Bennet
  • Emily Bishop
  • Jonathon Bishop
  • Leslie Boone
  • TY Browning
  • John Browning
  • Donald Burns
  • Heather Caron
  • Tristen Causey
  • Richard Coletta
  • Scott Cooper
  • Beverly Cooper
  • Steve Davis
  • Jane Davis
  • Martha Davis
  • Julianna Donahue
  • Kim Edmonston
  • Mary Ferguson
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Vicki Flake
  • Travis Fleming
  • Joan Foley
  • Sarah Frierson
  • Bryan Gill
  • Sarah Gill
  • Karen Golightly
  • Edward Greene
  • Edward Greene
  • Michael Ham
  • Jennifer Hardesty
  • Karen Harmon
  • Kristan Huntley
  • June Hurt
  • Sharron Johnson
  • Diane Johnson
  • John Kinsey
  • Ashley LaRue
  • Terry Lawrence
  • Chris Maggard
  • George Malin
  • Renee Massey
  • Scott Massey
  • Chris Mchaney
  • Patrick Miller
  • Rachael Miller
  • Jessica Miller
  • Alex Miller
  • Mark Morrison
  • Mike Parnell
  • Doris Porter
  • Gina Prator
  • Tommy Prest
  • Beth Pulliam
  • Steve Pulliam
  • Kaitlyn Rena
  • Bret Rena
  • Tina Reynolds
  • Keith Rook
  • Jeddah Salera
  • Ted Schurch
  • Kathyrn Schurch
  • Buzz Shellabarger
  • Judy Shellabarger
  • Araderlee Shellabarger
  • Adam Shellabarger
  • Betty Slack
  • Sophie Soto-Phipps
  • Debbie Sowell
  • James Sparks
  • Ginger Spickler
  • Sandra Spragins
  • Margie Streamer
  • Michael Taylor
  • Bill Warnock
  • Margaret Warnock
  • Joey Weaver
  • Wes Williamson
  • Jason Word
  • Jennifer Word
  • Jeff Zuber

Businesses that extended volunteer support

  • Bluff City Sports
  • Memphis Runners and Track Club
  • AutoZone
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Camys Pizza
  • Breakaway Running
  • Target


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