Fall is a great season for household projects

By Mike Taylor
Fall is definitely in the air here in the Mid-South. For many this is a time for new beginnings as things come to a close and another year ends. Instead of being closed up in the house all winter living the same humdrum existence, perhaps it’s time to remember those decorating updates you’ve been putting on the back burner. It’s time to make those ideas a reality! Why wait another year for something you can do now?

There is a word for what you need. It’s called alchemy. This is the power to transform something common into something special, and each of us possesses this power. Why live through one more year with the same wall color that you’ve wanted to change for a while? Painting a room a more exciting color can change not only the mood of the room but your mood as well. Simple projects around your home don’t have to cost much. To save money go to the “oops” section of your favorite paint store and grab a gallon of paint mixed by mistake. The cost is usually around five bucks.

In addition, perhaps you don’t need to wait for spring to do that cleaning. Why go through another year parking your car on the driveway or street because the garage is full? We are the only country in the world where a person would park a $45,000 car in the street in order to store a bunch of junk in the garage. Take charge and get a productive project going that will make a positive change in your life. I promise it will make you feel better and will give you a huge sense of accomplishment, even if you take one drawer or closet at a time and clean it out. Do you even know what is in the back part of your linen closet or what all those extra pieces of junk are in your junk drawer?

There are a thousand examples I could give, but you know better than me what needs to be done around your house to add a little kick to your decor or to organize you life. Fall is a great time to start this. Let’s not make any more excuses.

Michael Taylor is a freelance Interior Designer living in CY. To learn more visit MichaelTaylorInteriors.com.


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