Musical pirates descend upon Nelson Avenue

By Kristan Huntley
You may be aware that some pirates, who go by the last name Taylor, marooned their ship in the front lawn of 2027 Nelson during the Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4 Miler. Pirates, being an inherently enthusiastic group, cheered on the runners of the 4 Miler and came away with 1st prize in the Light the Way contest. Well apparently pirates tend to attract more pirates, because on the first of October more pirates came to visit, but this time they were musical pirates!

Ok, so there could be far worse things than musical pirates, especially when said musical pirates are members of the local band Star & Micey, comprised of Joshua Cosby, Nick Redmond, Geoff Smith, Jeremy Stanfill, Adam Woodard, and Jessie Munson. In full pirate regalia, the members of Star & Micey donned their instruments and boarded the Taylor’s boat to film a music video for their song “Back to the Night.” According to Star & Micey the song already had an innate seafarer-like quality that made them envision a pirate-themed music video to accompany the song, and by happenstance one of the band mates saw the ship after the Cooper-Young Festival and told the others. The Taylor’s ship was just what they had hoped for and the stage was set for some good fun, Star & Micey style.

Now if you have never seen Star & Micey perform, there is one thing you should know: they are quite an energetic and enthusiastic bunch, and that energy is contagious. Neighbors and passers-by from all around were drawn in by the filming, the music, and their energy. It was great fun to just sit and watch, and it truly reminded me of why I love Cooper-Young and Midtown.

The filming, directed and shot by local musician and actor Billie Worley, took two fun-filled evenings. The first day the entire band had a role. With the music playing back over and over again, the band did several takes to make sure that their infectious energy and showman (and woman) ship was captured on film.

The second evening included a damsel in distress and a water balloon fight between the British army and the pirates. Yes, you did read that last part correctly. Geoff Smith accompanied by his fearless crew of three local kids led the British forces with the wife of Nick Redmond held captive. It was up to the leader of the pirates, Nick Redmond, and his brave band of balloon throwers, played by several other local children, to overturn the British rule. Fun and water balloons were had by all, and many parents agreed that this was one entertaining playdate.

Find out a little more about these mischievous musical pirates by checking out their website at Keep your eye on and we will post the video as soon as it is available!


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