Become a LampLighter Benefactor for as little as $5 a month!

By June Hurt
What does five dollars buy these days? After a quick Internet search, I discovered a number of interesting items and services available for sale. You can actually go to a site called and see an extensive list of things people will offer you for a “fiver”. Nikkisue will answer 20 questions about Sydney, Australia. Krystalynn will have her two Boston Terriers model or test your product. Lupo1 will hold up a sign saying whatever you want and take a photo in front of the White House. Neatcolors will translate 500 words or less from French to English. Nicolecomas66 will plan a romantic date for you and your significant other in New York City. Haleylujah will write a short, cheesy rap about a topic of your choice and perform it on video dressed as a hot dog. And my personal favorite, Movievoiceguy will say anything you want in a perfect Yoda voice for 30 seconds and send you a professional recording of it.
Now if you want to do some good with that five dollars, you also have the opportunity to become a LampLighter Benefactor! Just go to and click on the Membership tab to learn how you can become a recognized LampLighter Benefactor by making a one-time donation of $60 or more, or a monthly donation of $5 or more, to be drafted from your account or charged to your credit card. All LampLighter Benefactors will be listed in the paper each month, along with other contributors. If you love reading the LampLighter, help us keep this publication going! Your neighbors will thank you!


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