Food Drive thank yous

By Suzzane Striker
I’m proud to announce that this year’s Thanksgiving Food Drive was a great success. By rough estimates, despite inclement weather, CY residents donated well over 10 large grocery carts stacked full of food from top to bottom and raised $55 in monetary contributions, with offers to contribute still coming in. All of this went to support the Loaves and Fishes ministry at First Congo and would not have been possible without the dedicated help of volunteers, who distribute over 1,500 flyers and/or got up early on a Saturday to drive around the neighborhood and pick-up donations in the rain. Many of those who distributed flyers also printed them, which helped offset printing expenses. A big thank you goes to the following volunteers:

Chad Ahern ● Jeremy Childs ● Kim Edmaiston ● Liz Engles ● Jason Elder
Chris Fisher ● Joan Foley ● Sarah Frierson ● Faye Garner
Edward & Beverly Greene ● Robert Grisham ● Sara Hallum ● Ashley Hannah
John Harkless ● Whitney Jo ● Dianne Lloyd ● Peter Owen ● Doris Porter
Larry Rutledge ● Ginger Spickler ● Betty Slack ● James Sparks ● Mary Smith
Michael Taylor ● Carmen Weaver ● Joey Weaver ● Wes Williamson
Jason & Avery Word ● Asuka Yow

I also want to send a special thank you to Scout Master Burges Budd, Honorary Scout Master Marvin Richardson, with scouts Wm. Chandler Pearce and Gene Gore of Boy Scout Troop 40 from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, who on relatively short notice also got up early to come out in the rain to help unload the cars at the pantry.
In addition, I want to thank Carmen Weaver who started the food drive four years ago, and to John Silberman who sponsored the printing of 1000 flyers. While I can’t thank everyone enough for their generosity and support, it is indeed greatly appreciated by everyone involved with or who needs the services of Loaves and Fishes, as well as myself.


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