Help protect area rivers, lakes, and streams

By Bobby Allen
What should you do when you observe someone blocking a storm drain with leaves, someone pouring used motor oil or chemicals into the storm drain system, or any other activity that could pollute our area rivers, lakes, and streams? The City of Memphis Storm Water Program requests that you contact them via their 24-hour Storm Water Hotline,

When you observe an illegal discharge, please note the date, time, location, and the identity of the person (if known). If a vehicle is involved, please note the license plate number and company name on the vehicle (if present). With this information the City will contact the alleged offender, explain their violations, and require them to cease the activity and correct the problem as applicable. For serious or repeat violations, the Storm Water Program will conduct an investigation and, if warranted, take enforcement action.

It is illegal to discharge pollutants such as used motor oil, pesticides, insecticides, paints, household chemicals, and sanitary sewage into storm drains. Raking or blowing leaves, grass, or other debris into the streets is also prohibited. It is important to note that storm drains are used only for storm water. Unlike sanitary and industrial wastewater, storm water is not treated before it enters area rivers, lakes, and streams.

For more information on the City’s Storm Water Program, call 901-576-4349.


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