A solution for nuisance properties

By Debbie Sowell
There was a lot of activity on the southern end of Cox on Monday, November 15. On this day at 1:30pm the Memphis Police Department held a press conference at 1076 S Cox to declare the property a nuisance. What does this mean? Due to illegal activity taking place at this abandoned address, the house has been boarded up with signs posted to warn trespassers to stay off the property or be arrested. The illegal activity here is over by authority of the Blue Crush Task Force. This was a welcome site to many residents who showed up at the press conference to support the police department’s efforts.
How did this small victory for CY come about? It began with many residents repeatedly complaining to the police over time, putting the situation on the radar of both the police and the Neighborhood Association. Neighbors have kept their eye on the property and have called in any suspicious activity. There has been a small army working on this problem. Did it happen quickly? No it did not, but it does show our residents that with persistence, we can make a difference.
This also sends a message to all criminals who don’t respect our neighborhood. We have power; power to have quiet enjoyment of our properties without the danger of illegal activity. We have power to do something about crime with help from Blue Crush and the Memphis Police.
What do you do if you have a problem property in your area? First, talk to your neighbors! If others are having similar problems, you can work together, vent, and make phone calls. Call 901-545-COPS when you think illegal activity or nuisances are happening. Call Code Enforcement, 901-576-7380, on properties that are falling into bad disrepair by un-attentive property owners and landlords. Contact the CYCA and let them know about the problem. We can’t fix them, but we need to know so that we can track what is happening in the neighborhood and share information with the police. Blue Crush works off of statistics, so the more complaints called in the more likely action will be taken.
Is this the end of illegal activity at 1076 S Cox? That is our hope, but it remains to be seen. If not, we know that we can use our power to continue the fight!


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