December show at Gallery Fifty Six

By Kerri Guyton
The artists of Gallery Fifty Six are coming together in December to collaboratively showcase the creations inspired by 2010 in a resident exhibition that includes guest artist Lonnie Wilson. Windows to the World opens December 3 with an artists’ reception from 5-8pm and continues through December 31.

Memphis native and guest artist Lonnie Wilson will showcase works from his series Scenes from Genesis, inspired by his love of the Bible and art history. Wilson’s piece, Noah Before the Flood, depicts Noah at work carving a staff, with the unfinished ark as his background. Noah is draped in garments of blue and white representing loyalty and purity, and Wilson has discretely tucked 26 animals into the work – one for each letter in the alphabet. It is this type of technique that draws fans to Wilson’s art. Other works in this series include Eden Sunrise, Noah After the Flood, And Man Became a Living Soul, and The Guardian.

Resident artists of Gallery Fifty Six to participate in Windows to the World are John Armistead, Mary Bowman, Paul Clarke, Art Covington, J. C. Graham, Emery Franklin,
Helen Ingoglia, Rollin Kocsis, Mark Lammie, Jeannine Paul, Bridget Russell, John Sosh, Michael Whitaker, and N. J. Woods.
Gallery Fifty Six is located at 2256 Central Ave. For more information call 901-276-1251
or visit


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