Peabody’s Open House coming in January

By Ginger Spickler
Chances are if you have a child approaching the age of five, you have more than once been gripped with panic at the thought of where you will drop him off for his first day of kindergarten. Or perhaps your little tot is still just mastering the art of feeding herself, but you can’t help but wonder where she’ll end up learning the three R’s. Considering everything that you hear in the media about public schools, it sometimes seems that you have no choice but to cancel the cable, take a second job, and plunk down thousands of dollars a year for a private education.
But as the mother of a Peabody Elementary kindergartner, I’m here to tell you that you owe it to yourself and your child (not to mention your bank account) to check out our neighborhood school, and the Open House on Thursday, January 20 will give you the opportunity to do just that. Whether you are researching for the fall of 2011 or 2015, the Peabody Elementary Open House is for you.
Two sessions will be offered – one at 8:30am and another at 6pm. During each session Principal Kongsouly Jones will make a brief presentation about Peabody, followed by parent and teacher testimonials and a demonstration of student work. There will be two separate Q&A sessions – one for parents interested in learning more about Peabody’s optional program and the other for those with questions about open enrollment. The open house will conclude with a tour of the school, including the school’s CLUE classroom, a demonstration of the Smartboard technology in use throughout the building, and the classroom of Mr. Jerry Sanders, widely regarded as one of the city’s best Orff Music teachers.
And for those who have questions about the terms Memphis City Schools use (“optional”, “CLUE”, and “open enrollment” being just a few of the many that you may not be familiar with), handouts will be available to help parents navigate the sometimes confusing process of making sure that your child is in the right school and class to best suit his or her needs.
Refreshments will be available at both sessions, and for the evening session, free childcare will be offered for children of all ages with an RSVP to by January 17. So whether you’re a few months or a few years away from signing up for kindergarten, please save the date to come start your own education on this important subject.


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