Memphis’ first Hip Hop Unification Summit January 14-16

From The Center for Southern Folklore press release

You are invited to attend “Mic Check”, Memphis’ First Hip Hop Unification Summit, on January 14-16 (MLK holiday weekend). This event will take place Friday at The Center for Southern Folklore, Saturday at The Young Avenue Deli, and Sunday at Superior Bar & Grill.

The purpose of this summit is to unify the Memphis Hip Hop community. The world famous Brew Krewe is organizing this event in order to foster a networking and collaborative spirit among the artists, producers, DJs, promoters, managers, and other agents within the local and regional hip hop scene. The Brew Krewe feel there is a reason why Memphis, the home of Grammy and Academy award winning artists, and platinum selling rappers and producers, is often overlooked when it comes to things like VH1’s salute to the “Dirty South” and its contribution to the Hip Hop culture. The Brew Krewe also find it disheartening that our own native sons and daughters feel the need to move to other cities to find success within a genre of the music industry that has so much homegrown talent and resources.

The three day event starts with a panel discussion addressing how Memphis can unify its local Hip Hop culture by reaching out to the seemingly fragmented subcultures of that community.  The Summit’s intent is to invoke an honest, candid, and open dialogue about what can be done to bring together this disjointed community which is divided along the lines of race, socioeconomic status, neighborhood boundaries, subject matter, as well as delivery.

There will be $20, three day all access VIP passes for sale through the Center for Southern Folklore. Visit or call 901-565-3655 for more information on event schedule and concert details.


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